Meet a Designer: Joe

We have a talented team here at Fairhaven Furniture. As you’d expect, our staff has an incredible depth of knowledge about furniture… but did you know that we’re trained interior designers, too? And like all creative types, each of us has a slightly different approach, style, and vision.

We thought our customers might enjoy getting to know us a little better, so we’re starting a new series on the blog today: Meet a Designer. For our first installment, we sat down to talk shop with Joe, who has been a member of the Fairhaven family for 15 years – my, how time flies. Read on for Joe’s thoughts on interior design, furniture, and a few of New Haven’s great debates.

Fairhaven Furniture Designer, Joe

In your view, why should someone use an interior designer?
I think people appreciate a second set of eyes. A designer can see the bigger picture – what your living space could be – without losing sight of the small details.

What’s the most common misconception that people have about interior design?
Thinking that we’re just decorators. Sure, a designer can help you choose colors for your room – but we do a lot more than that. We plan your space, so that it works better for the way you live. We bring a fresh perspective to what you already have, finding ways to re-purpose your current furniture. (And of course, we can help you pick a great sofa, too.)

What has been the most interesting design project you’ve done so far?
Our custom wishbone table bases. To make a live edge board into a table, you need a base. The wishbone form is a classic, and we decided to try our own twist on it. So, we designed, prototyped, and produced a welded steel version that can be accented with the customer’s choice of wood. It’s a wishbone base, with a distinctly Fairhaven flavor.

Eliot Keramik Drive Table from Cattelan Italia, closed and open

What is your current favorite piece of furniture at Fairhaven Furniture?
The Eliot Keramik Drive table from Cattelan Italia. Ceramic top dining tables are beautiful and durable, but they usually only come in fixed lengths – so if you want the flexibility of an extension table, you’re out of luck. But Cattelan has engineered a mechanism that allows their ceramic top to extend, giving you an extra 30 inches of dining space. We have one on the floor here at the store, and it’s amazing.

To close out, let’s get your take on a few of life’s big questions.

  1. Form or function?
    Function. If it doesn’t work, why bother?
  1. Sally’s or Pepe’s?
    Ok, this is a false choice – everyone knows that Modern has the best pizza in New Haven.
  1. The mountains or the beach?
    The beach.
  1. Yankees or Red Sox?
    I was born in St. Louis, so I’ve always rooted for the Cardinals – despite living basically my entire life in Connecticut. I guess I just like to be contrary.
  1. Starbucks or Dunkin?
    Starbucks, all the way.

Thanks for taking time to answer our questions, Joe!