We’re a tight-knit team
of furniture-obsessed folks.

Lao Triffin


Lao is fascinated with how things work, and it shows in everything he does — whether it’s studying electrical and computer engineering, balancing form and function in a room design, or just tinkering with motors out in his workshop.

After years of hanging around his uncle Kerry’s store, we were thrilled when Lao decided to make it official and join the Fairhaven team in 2003. He became a co-owner in 2016 — he’s honored to bring Fairhaven Furniture into its next generation.

Colleen Gala


Colleen came to Fairhaven Furniture as a student intern, looking to round out her Industrial Design degree with some hands-on experience. But she quickly became obsessed with learning every aspect of running a small business — buying, merchandising, marketing, customer relations… the list goes on!

She joined us full-time in 2005 and became a co-owner in 2016. Now, she draws on her love for fine furniture and her entrepreneurial acumen to make this generation of Fairhaven Furniture the best it can be.

Joe Shelfo


Joe got interested in woodworking when he was just a kid — spending time at his uncle’s lumberyard and eventually learning the craft as a mill-shop assistant. After going on to earn a degree in Interior Design, it became clear that furniture was his calling.

Since 2009, Joe has pursued that calling at Fairhaven Furniture. With his deep knowledge of materials and remarkable (dare we say, obsessive?) attention to detail, he specializes in custom furniture and home design.

Mark Reynolds


Mark joined the Fairhaven team in 2012 after 30 years of working in interior design, primarily in Fairfield County. As a New Haven native, he’s been happy to get back to his roots!

Mark specializes in space planning, and he especially loves working on spaces that offer a challenge. He experiments with shapes, textures and colors to find just the right balance for every design project he undertakes.

Angetta Cerritto

Bookkeeping + Merchandising

Angetta came to Fairhaven Furniture as a bookkeeper in 2010. But little did we know, behind that number-crunching facade there dwells the soul of an accessories artist!

Now, when she’s not busy balancing the books, Angetta buys and merchandises many of our home accessories and gifts. She has an outstanding eye — both for sourcing pieces that have that special Fairhaven flair and for displaying them to perfection.

Lupe Jeffers


Lupe has been part of the team since 2018; along with working at the store, she is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design. She loves the challenge of designing a room to suit a customer’s unique needs, getting every detail just right.

Lupe is always up to something — if she’s not at the store or school, you might find her exploring the great outdoors with her dog or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen!