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I could tell you stories about climbing trees as a boy, and secrets about tapping on their branches.

There’s something true to the core about trees. You can hug a tree as hard as you can, and it’s not going to break. The leaves replenish the earth and the air. A tree is almost eternal. From cradle to grave, there is wood in your life.

I’m Kerry Triffin, furniture designer and owner of Fairhaven Furniture – the Alternative Home Store – in New Haven, Connecticut. Comprised of three floors of furniture and accessories, our store offers an escape into a world that is pleasing to the senses in every way. Visitors to this sanctuary discover the fresh smell and smooth touch of furniture made from cherry, walnut, maple, ash and mahogany.

There’s nothing we can’t make for you in wood. Meeting your functional needs is easy, which leaves you more freedom to explore the fun part. What if, in addition to doing everything you want it to do, a piece of furniture could also simply delight you or fill your heart with poetry every time you pass by it? Furniture is not sacred. It’s meant to be enjoyed and lived with. It’s supposed to age – and that age contributes to its emotional and economic value.

I believe in combining beauty and function when designing and purchasing items for the store. Elizabeth Orsini, my partner and wife, admits that she has a similar obsession when it comes to selecting the gifts and accessories for the store. We both find pieces by combing through magazines, attending furniture and craft shows in this country and abroad, driving the back roads of Vermont and West Virginia, and listening to suggestions from our customers. One of the reasons our business is distinctive is because we have so many suppliers – we don’t order anyone’s full line. We are very selective and responsive to our customers’ preferences. Having 150+ suppliers is a lot of work for our bookkeeper, but it pays off because we can offer individual appeal, almost like being the personal shopper for our customer base.

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