Amy Arledge, Sanctuary
Amy Arledge, And She Was
Amy Arledge, Lake Diptych
Paulette Rosen, Broken
Paulette Rosen, My Feathered Heart
Paulette Rosen, Pods
Karen Wheeler, Beneath the Surface
Karen Wheeler, Holding Forth
Karen Wheeler, Whirlwind
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Amy Arledge
Paulette Rosen
Karen Wheeler

September 9 - October 21, 2017

Artists Reception Saturday, September 16, 5 to 8 pm
Amy Arledge
My work features encaustic (molten beeswax) and oil paintings that are my interpretations of Long Island Sound, lakes, gardens, sunny days, stormy afternoons, birds, animals and other aspects of nature that I am fortunate to see, or be reminded of, on walks around our area. I am in constant awe of nature. My hope is to capture and express certain moments or places that represent the ever-changing, endlessly fascinating world around us.

Paulette Rosen
Movements, colors and behaviors of birds have fascinated me for many years. But my feelings of tenderness for them harken back to the age of 6 when, on a very long walk with my young friends, I returned cradling a small, dead bird in my hands. In this body of work I have expanded my exploration of birds through abstraction and by placing the bird in relation to natural objects.

These drawings begin as computer scans of taxidermied and found birds and natural objects. After they are enlarged, I work the paper hard with pencil, gouache and water based crayon to both obscure and enhance aspects of the image that are a window into the natural world.

Karen Wheeler
My drawings are made with pen & ink, liquid acrylic, colored pencil, bits of collage and the occasional wire. I experience a playful awareness in the immediacy of making them.

In this series I began by drawing spontaneously with pen & ink and then allowed the lines to take the lead. They playfully led me on a complex journey that manifested into imaginary worlds. These line worlds invited veils of painted color, and further pushing of illusions with colored pencil. Some of the more adventurous lines demanded release from the page in the form of wires. They extend entrance into these worlds: my offerings.

My objective for the viewer is to engage the imagination and evoke a sense of joy.