Stressless Liberty Sofa & Loveseat

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Stressless By Ekornes
The Stressless Liberty series is specially made to accompany the Stressless Voyager recliner; the latest best-seller in the Stressless recliner series. The new sofas come in a 2-seater and 3-seater sofa in both highback and lowback editions. Covered in fine-grained leathers or high-quality fabrics, the Stressless Liberty sofas are epic in terms of comfort and design. And did we say likable? It’s hard to find another sofa that would be more comfortable when enjoying friends and family, a bowlgame or just hanging out reading or enjoying the silence. We give you the best of Scandinavian design and workmanship in the Stressless Liberty.

Highback versus Lowback: A Stressless Highback sofa is designed to fit you just like a Stressless Recliner would. It supports your head and neck as you recline for ultimate comfort. A Stressless Lowback sofa has a lower back and is designed to give you extra comfort while lounging, it is more of a relaxer than a traditional recliner.

These incredible sofas offer personalized comfort and so much more! Click here to learn more about them.

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The Liberty series can be custom ordered in over 100 colors of fabric and leather. Click here to view all of our upholstery options. Custom sofas are shipped from Norway and arrive in 14 to 16 weeks.

The Liberty Sofa and Loveseat in high back or low back versions are also available for expedited delivery in a smaller range of leather colors shown below. Expedited orders will arrive in about 3 weeks.

Paloma Leather



Paloma Light Grey

Light Grey

Name Width Height Depth
Highback Sofa 95 1/4" 41" 34 3/4"
Highback Loveseat 70" 41" 34 3/4"
Lowback Sofa 95 1/4" 34 3/4" 34 3/4"
Lowback Loveseat 70" 34 3/4" 34 3/4"

Pricing varies depending on the exact specifications and customization of the piece. For all available options and prices, please call us at 203-776-3099.

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