Scrap: Mixed Media and Assemblage

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Scrap: Mixed Media and Assemblage

Dorothy Powers and Phil Levine

May 1 - July 14, 2014

Artists Reception May 31, 2014, 5 to 8 pm

Dorothy Powers
I began collecting "trash" when I realized just how much material we discard without much thought -- cardboard rolls, plastic throwaways, fast food containers, junk mail. I collage them onto canvas then paint the surface with latex and acrylic paints, drawing inspiration from satellite photos of the Arctic Ocean, Greenland's Baffin Island and the Amazon rainforest. Naturally, the transformation of trash to art offers no guarantee that the art itself will not become part of the debris someday.

Phil Levine
I harvest material from construction sites, demolished houses, dumpsters and roadside piles, then re-dignify them as sculpture. Cardboard boxes, aluminum pie plates, dressmakers' patterns, junkyards, factory buildings, the noise of the foundry, circuitry, electronics: these all feature prominently in my youthful memories. Woven together, the objects and memories form the basis and the inspiration for my art of assemblage.