Sarah Chests & Dressers

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By Copeland Furniture
The Sarah Bedroom exhibits the clean lines and balanced proportions of its Shaker influence. The Sarah chests and dressers pair perfectly with the Sarah beds. There are many different size options available. The Sarah Bedroom is Made to Order in solid cherry or maple hardwood (or a combination of the two) in several finishes with a variety of pull options.

Available in various sizes, the Sarah chests and dressers are crafted in solid cherry or maple hardwood (or a combination of the two) with a variety of finishes and pull options.
Name Height Width Depth
3 Drawer Chest 33 3/4" 33 3/4" 20 1/4"
5 Drawer Chest 48 1/2" 33 3/4" 20 1/4"
7 Drawer Chest 59 1/2" 24" 24"
6 Drawer Dresser 33 3/4" 59 1/4" 20 1/4"
10 Drawer Dresser 48 1/2" 59 1/4" 20 1/4"
Accessory Case 6" 51" 16"

Pricing varies depending on the exact specifications and customization of the piece. For all available options and prices, please call us at 203-776-3099.

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